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A Family Affair

Our company, rooted in a rich family legacy, traces its beginnings to Peter's apprenticeship in 1968. With a workbench at home, Josh, immersed in hands-on experience since a young age, discovered his destiny in crafting unique jewellery. From a twisted silver bangle for his Year 2 teacher to the establishment of Flair Jewellery in Kawana in 2006 and the subsequent opening of the Bribie store in 2007, our journey is marked by passion and craftsmanship.

The recipe for our enduring success lies in several key elements. We proudly boast on-site jewellers in both locations, ensuring a hands-on approach to every creation. Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service is unwavering, and our meticulous attention to detail is reflected in every piece we craft.

Adapting to technological advancements, we integrate cutting-edge tools into our processes. We keep a keen eye on international trends, infusing them into our designs to offer our clientele contemporary and fashionable pieces. Our commitment to uniqueness shines through in our custom-designed jewellery, where every piece tells a distinct story.

Despite our commitment to quality and craftsmanship, we maintain competitive pricing, ensuring that our creations are not just symbols of elegance but also accessible to those who appreciate fine jewellery. At Flair Jewellery, we go beyond crafting adornments; we create legacies, celebrate moments, and transform dreams into tangible, timeless treasures.

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