The enchanting Peridot

Meaningful Jewellery Peridot

As a jewellery lover do you look for jewellery which has meaning? Many of us do, and often birthstone jewellery provides the perfect solution.

August’s birthstone is the peridot – an enchanting stone!

Not only that, it is believed to remove any evil spells which may have been cast on the wearer….

Maybe not. The peridot is one of the few birthstones which is found in only one colour – a vivid green with just a hint of gold. Its vibrant colour does not change, even under artificial light, leading it to be nicknamed the ‘emerald of the evening’. The perfect colour to cheer up winter wardrobes. It is a very old stone mentioned in the Bible and made popular by Cleopatra. The peridot symbolises purity and strength and is often used in Christian jewellery.



peridot august birthstone

The peridot gemstone can only be seen
In a truly remarkable colour of green
It makes the wearer feel well – then fall under a spell
Whilst making her look like a queen

This ancient gemstone has recently become popular again. And now comes the best part – there is still enough raw peridot (also called olivine) in the marketplace to allow the helpful staff at Flair Jewellery to source the ‘right stone’ for your individual taste and, importantly, your budget. Then of course our jewellers can draw up a design with you and craft it into a magnificent individual piece of jewellery.

And not forgetting wedding anniversaries, this enchanting “evening emerald” is the 16th wedding anniversary stone. So meaningful isn’t it, to associate wedding anniversaries with gemstones.

Need ideas for different styles of jewellery? Have a browse around our website to see all our different designs and be inspired for your own piece of peridot jewellery.

Contact us and our friendly staff can help you decide!



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