Rhodium Plating

What is rhodium plating? Why is it needed? How long will it last? How much will it cost?
“White gold” is a popular choice for jewellery including wedding and engagement rings as well as bracelets and neck chains. Of course gold is not white To make it white it is alloyed with white metals – usually platinum, or silver and nickel or zinc and manganese. At best the colour then becomes “greyish”. For the sparkling silver/white colour desired by most jewellery purchasers the items are plated in pure white rhodium by a process known as electroplating . This process is referred to as rhodium plating in the jewellery industry. Rhodium is a rare metal, part of the platinum family. It makes the jewellery appear pure white and shiny and enhances the appearance of diamonds.
Rhodium plating will eventually wear off, especially in heavy wear areas such as the back of the band and will need to be reapplied from time to time. How long it will last depends on how well the item is cared for.
The cost of rhodium plating a ring at Flair Jewellery is $65.00.

9Wg London Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring