Handmade with love 

Flair Jewellery has built up a long-lasting legacy over its 50 year life in Queensland.
 It remains a family business, and is in the hands of its second generation. 

Hand to Hand 

High Standards

“We are incredibly proud of the care that goes into making each piece of valuable jewellery. We have a skilled team of craftspeople and apprentices, whose creative energies produce exceptional jewellery.”
Peter Turner
Owner and Jeweller

I love it

“I was fortunate to grow up on the wonderful Sunshine Coast. When I chose to start making jewellery, I knew it had to be right here in my native Queensland.” “The best part of my work is witnessing the joyful moments in people’s lives. Whether it’s an engagement or wedding ring, a bracelet, a birthday gift, or a thoughtful present...if you are buying jewellery, it’s always a happy moment.”
Josh Turner

Our Team

“What I love doing is reworking family jewellery which has been put aside and forgotten. There is a real sense of satisfaction in giving precious heirlooms a new lease of life.”
Artist and Jeweller

Future Jewellers

“It’s always really exciting when customers bring in their old family jewellery, and we transform it into something fresh and meaningful.”
Artist and Jeweller

Our mission is simply to create beautiful jewellery.

We strive for the highest standards throughout our business. We encourage responsible sourcing of our precious metals and gemstones, and include gold recycling as part of this effort. 



our commitment

Giving Back

From the early days of Flair Jewellery, we have always seen it as our social responsibility to give something back to the community. Over the years, we have consistently made annual contributions to local and national organisations and charities, through fundraising initiatives and direct donations. We intend to continue these important and worthwhile efforts which reflect a fundamental part of who we are, and how we see our role in the community.


4 Paws Animal Rescue Inc provides refuge for homeless dogs and cats on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and beyond. It is a non profit organisation run entirely by volunteers and they rely solely on donations. Because we love animals, 4 Paws was a logical community organisation for Flair Jewellery to support. With the generous support of our wonderful customers we have been able to donate $1,000 so far this year. The most recent cheque being presented in April this year. Hopefully we have helped save the lives of many animals.


Since 2011, Smart Pups has grown from one dedicated trainer to Australia’s leading provider of assistance dogs. We’re proud to have been one of the first organisations to train assistance dogs for people under 18 years old. In 2015, we were instrumental in changing legislation to allow children to have their very own assistance dog with an alternative handler. https://www.smartpups.org.au/


Drought Angels provides a unique service for which it is has become well known for within the rural sector. Drought Angels is the charity run by big hearts, who offer a listening ear, a warm hug and personalised support to each farming family. We like to tell our farmers that this is not a handout but a Thank You. “Thank you for all you do to put the food on our tables because without you we would all go hungry”. Through direct personal contact with the farmers, Drought Angels has earnt a reputation for providing personalised, heartfelt and discreet assistance. We help those who would not normally reach out but prefer to battle it alone, which can lead to severe depression and in some cases suicide. https://www.droughtangels.org.au/


Words can’t describe how much we love our engagement and wedding rings, handmade by Flair Jewellery. The designs they came up with were both traditional and modern and we have been left with timeless pieces that we love dearly. The quality, service and affordability have been outstanding! A huge thank you again to Peter and the team. - Ben & Amanda Murphy​