July’s birthstone – the captivating ruby

Ruby jewellery

This month’s stone is the magnificent ruby. Known as the stone of devotion, love and romance its value is determined by the depth of its colour – the deepest red known as “pigeon’s blood” is the most valuable.

This precious stone has many interesting legends. However it originated, isn’t it fun and charming that we have a special stone associated with our month of birth? With its intense richness of colour the ruby is sure to catch everyone’s eye.

The vibrant ruby will warm her heart
In this winter chill
Your gift will bring her joy today
And it always will

So, if you have a Cancerian in your life – was your Mum born in July? Does your wife need a new pendant? Or your boyfriend may like a signet ring – make it a special gift by keeping their birthstone in mind.

Ruby rings

Beautiful ruby rings are part of our exquisite range, designed by our jewellers and manufactured in our own workshop. You can speak directly to our jewellers during working hours or online at your leisure.

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