Diamonds – do you know about the 4 C’s?

Quality of Diamonds

The quality of diamonds is measured all around the world by these 4 standards.

CUT: Of the 4 C’s cut has the greatest effect on a diamonds beauty. You know that unmistakable ‘SPARKLE’ of a diamond? The better and more precisely it is cut, the more light is reflected from its facets and the more dazzling it appears to the eye.

CLARITY: Most diamonds have small internal flaws called inclusions. It is rare for a diamond to be found with no inclusions although they may not be visible to the naked eye. The less and the smaller the inclusions – the more valuable the diamond.

COLOUR: Although referred to as ‘white’, traditionally the best quality diamonds have no colour. Like a drop of pure water. Have you noticed that coloured diamonds including yellow, brown or chocolate, red and pink have gained in popularity lately? Magnificent pink diamonds are extremely rare and are very expensive.

Diamond jewellery - what have carrots got to do with it?

And now to our favourite – carrots. OOPS – make that …

CARATS: Sometimes mistaken for size, the carat is actually a weight relating to diamonds. A metric ‘CARAT’ weighs 200 milligrams. And just as a dollar can be divided into 100 cents, a carat can be divided into 100 points. For example a 50 point diamond = ½ a carat.

At Flair Jewellery we like to add our own ‘C’ to the other 4 – CONFIDENCE. Come in to one of our shops and one of our qualified tradesmen will gladly talk you through the information above and take the time to show you the  difference in the quality of various diamonds, which is sometimes tricky to spot.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the 4C’s when it comes to diamonds. We are proud of our own “C” – CONFIDENCE. We are confident that you will walk away brimming with confidence! Come in and see us or contact us!

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