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Have you heard of the mineral Zirconium? It has absolutely nothing to do with cubic zirconia (fake diamonds). This exciting product has recently been reimagined for use in jewellery.
The mineral is dark grey in colour but when exposed to extreme heat it forms a strong black coating, similar in appearance and touch to ceramic. The main deposits of zirconium on earth are in Australia and Florida. BUT it has also been found in S-type stars. How cool is that?
Zirconium is mainly used in nuclear reactors – the nuclear power industry uses nearly 90% of the product mined each year and it has also been used in space craft because of its strength and resilience.
The ancient Egyptians used zirconium in jewellery. Thankfully we are finally catching up!
Zirconium rings are comfortable and hypoallergenic and are available in a wide range of styles for both men (very masculine) and ladies (strong and very feminine). Did we mention they are as black as midnight? Often crafted with gold and set with diamonds making a stunning piece of jewellery.
Here at Flair Jewellery, we really love this range of jewellery. Come in and take a look and pick up one of our free catalogues which display the entire range.
CLICK HERE to view our amazing selection of men’s rings which include black zirconium rings.
Whatever you choose, aim to stand out and be confident … black is back!



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