Fairy tales do come true – it could happen to you!

September birthstone - the sapphire


Well this one did!

The beautiful young lady was dreaming of the day her charming prince would go down on one knee and propose with a gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring.

Wait on ….

This really did happen! On November 16th 2010 worldwide news broke of the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Of course the ring was once the engagement ring of the late Princess Diana. It features an 18 carat blue sapphire surrounded by 14 magnificent diamonds. One of the most famous engagement rings of the modern day it was purchased for A$60,000 in 1981. It is now valued at A$649,500.

If your birthday is in September – lucky you! The gorgeous sapphire is your birthstone.

The Greek meaning of the word sapphire is “Blue Stone” – but it is also found in green, yellow and pink. Known for its magnificent blue shade it’s so bewitching that the ancient Persians believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire and that the blue of the sky was simply a reflection of the stone.
Designing is our speciality - sapphire rings

It is sometimes called the wisdom stone and is said to cure depression and spiritual confusion….

Sorry – we are unable to confirm that here at Flair Jewellery – but we are happy to let you know that we have a great range of sapphire designs in our shops. And of course if you can’t see anything which grabs you, designing what is in your imagination is our speciality! Come on in and talk to one of our craftsmen – we would love to help with your unique piece.

Diamonds – do you know about the 4 C’s?

Quality of Diamonds

The quality of diamonds is measured all around the world by these 4 standards.

CUT: Of the 4 C’s cut has the greatest effect on a diamonds beauty. You know that unmistakable ‘SPARKLE’ of a diamond? The better and more precisely it is cut, the more light is reflected from its facets and the more dazzling it appears to the eye.

CLARITY: Most diamonds have small internal flaws called inclusions. It is rare for a diamond to be found with no inclusions although they may not be visible to the naked eye. The less and the smaller the inclusions – the more valuable the diamond.

COLOUR: Although referred to as ‘white’, traditionally the best quality diamonds have no colour. Like a drop of pure water. Have you noticed that coloured diamonds including yellow, brown or chocolate, red and pink have gained in popularity lately? Magnificent pink diamonds are extremely rare and are very expensive.

Diamond jewellery - what have carrots got to do with it?

And now to our favourite – carrots. OOPS – make that …

CARATS: Sometimes mistaken for size, the carat is actually a weight relating to diamonds. A metric ‘CARAT’ weighs 200 milligrams. And just as a dollar can be divided into 100 cents, a carat can be divided into 100 points. For example a 50 point diamond = ½ a carat.

At Flair Jewellery we like to add our own ‘C’ to the other 4 – CONFIDENCE. Come in to one of our shops and one of our qualified tradesmen will gladly talk you through the information above and take the time to show you the  difference in the quality of various diamonds, which is sometimes tricky to spot.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the 4C’s when it comes to diamonds. We are proud of our own “C” – CONFIDENCE. We are confident that you will walk away brimming with confidence! Come in and see us or contact us!

The enchanting Peridot

Meaningful Jewellery Peridot

As a jewellery lover do you look for jewellery which has meaning? Many of us do, and often birthstone jewellery provides the perfect solution.

August’s birthstone is the peridot – an enchanting stone!

Not only that, it is believed to remove any evil spells which may have been cast on the wearer….

Maybe not. The peridot is one of the few birthstones which is found in only one colour – a vivid green with just a hint of gold. Its vibrant colour does not change, even under artificial light, leading it to be nicknamed the ‘emerald of the evening’. The perfect colour to cheer up winter wardrobes. It is a very old stone mentioned in the Bible and made popular by Cleopatra. The peridot symbolises purity and strength and is often used in Christian jewellery.



peridot august birthstone

The peridot gemstone can only be seen
In a truly remarkable colour of green
It makes the wearer feel well – then fall under a spell
Whilst making her look like a queen

This ancient gemstone has recently become popular again. And now comes the best part – there is still enough raw peridot (also called olivine) in the marketplace to allow the helpful staff at Flair Jewellery to source the ‘right stone’ for your individual taste and, importantly, your budget. Then of course our jewellers can draw up a design with you and craft it into a magnificent individual piece of jewellery.

And not forgetting wedding anniversaries, this enchanting “evening emerald” is the 16th wedding anniversary stone. So meaningful isn’t it, to associate wedding anniversaries with gemstones.

Need ideas for different styles of jewellery? Have a browse around our website to see all our different designs and be inspired for your own piece of peridot jewellery.

Contact us and our friendly staff can help you decide!



Fifty Shades of Gold

fifty shades of gold

Real gold is bright, shiny and yellow – right? Well this is the natural colour of pure (24 carat) gold. Pure gold is rarely seen in jewellery as it is too soft to be durable enough for every day wear. Have you ever wondered how or why there are different shades of gold? Pure gold is often alloyed or mixed with other metals to make it stronger and less expensive. Or to change its colour.

At Flair Jewellery our craftsmen most commonly create our stunning designs using yellow, white and rose gold, or a combination of two or even three colours.

The most popular colour is yellow gold which has been alloyed with copper, silver or zinc to make it harder and more suitable for every day wear and tear. It can be reduced to either 18 or 9 carat.

The next most popular colour is white gold which became popular in the 1920s. White gold is made by adding white metals such as platinum, silver, zinc or nickel. White gold which, is made with platinum, may be more pricey than pure gold as platinum is extremely expensive.

Third in popularity is beautiful rose gold. Rose gold can be made into a variety of hues by adding different amounts of copper to the gold.
gold bangles, gold bracelets, gold rings
Did you know that in recent years new technologies have allowed gold to be produced in less common colours such as green, blue, purple and even black? These new colours are usually used in combinations to highlight each other or to add contrast to the more traditional colours.

It’s fascinating to know that gold has these beautiful shades and how they come about. Perhaps you have a picture in your mind about a unique piece of jewellery? At Flair Jewellery we can help you make this a reality! Contact us or come and join us on our Facebook page to find out more about beautiful gold jewellery and what is possible. Or leave us a comment below – we’d love to hear from you.

July’s birthstone – the captivating ruby

Ruby jewellery

This month’s stone is the magnificent ruby. Known as the stone of devotion, love and romance its value is determined by the depth of its colour – the deepest red known as “pigeon’s blood” is the most valuable.

This precious stone has many interesting legends. However it originated, isn’t it fun and charming that we have a special stone associated with our month of birth? With its intense richness of colour the ruby is sure to catch everyone’s eye.

The vibrant ruby will warm her heart
In this winter chill
Your gift will bring her joy today
And it always will

So, if you have a Cancerian in your life – was your Mum born in July? Does your wife need a new pendant? Or your boyfriend may like a signet ring – make it a special gift by keeping their birthstone in mind.

Ruby rings

Beautiful ruby rings are part of our exquisite range, designed by our jewellers and manufactured in our own workshop. You can speak directly to our jewellers during working hours or online at your leisure.

Do you have a special story about ruby jewellery? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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