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4 Paws Animal Rescue Inc provides refuge for homeless dogs and cats on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and beyond. It is a non profit organisation run entirely by volunteers and they rely solely on donations.

Most of the animals come from Council pounds and many have been surrendered or abandoned due to lifestyle changes. Others have been rescued from cruel living conditions where they have been abused or neglected.

All of these animals are placed into the homes of wonderful foster carers until they are safely re-homed with permanent, kind, loving families. All 4 Paws animals are vet checked, micro-chipped, wormed, flea treated and de-sexed prior to being available for adoption.

4 Paws also has a number of special care pets that will remain with them as 4 Paws permanent residents rather than being available for adoption. These older pets deserve the very best and 4 Paws have made a promise to them to keep them safe.

Because we love animals, 4 Paws was a logical community organisation for Flair Jewellery to support. With the generous support of our wonderful customers we have been able to donate $1,000 so far this year. The most recent cheque being presented in April this year.  Hopefully we have helped save the lives of many animals.

4 Paws

Web banner with 4 pix

A journey to deliver some books

My bags were packed and my cargo and freight documents were in order and I was on my way to deliver the 165kgs of books and clothing generously donated from the people of Bribie Island and CMS. When I arrived in Kathmandu I was devastated to realise half of my cargo had gone missing without a trace. A chance meeting with a young Nepalese man (Jarnadan) turned out to be very fortunate, he helped me navigate the series of red tape and “local taxes” (Bribes) to retrieve the portion of luggage that had arrived. However still no books!!!

The first three weeks of my project were spent working with under privileged children and street kids. We did English studies, maths, colouring, arts and craft and played sports. The children were very well mannered and polite and always there to greet us with a smile. I also worked in a day care centre with children 3-5 years; day care in Nepal is 1 USD per month but still out of the reach for some Nepalese families who earn 70 USD per month.

In my fourth week I was thrilled to get news that Jarnadan had tracked the books to a hotel and had made arrangements for us to deliver the books to the epicentre of the April earthquake. The journey to deliver the books was challenging. In places the road disappeared and we had to walk. At other times we had to get out of our 4wd and literally cut a track into the side of a mountain where the earth had slipped away leaving mud stones and broken trees. After a 5 hour drive we arrived at a few shelters made of corrugated iron and bamboo with blue tarpaulins the only protection from the monsoon rains. The school was decimated from the earthquake what was once buildings was now piles of rubble, the twisted metal was all that remains of storage cupboards and filing cabinets. The floors were all dirt and the one structure built with a roof had no walls and the children study outside under the open sky.

I was treated like visiting royalty. Teachers and students alike had a joy and happiness beyond belief. They all wanted to share their stories and were amazed by the stories of life in Australia. It really touched my heart. I have made it my goal to help contribute to the construction of a permanent school building there so the kids can go to school when it rains.

Nepal is a country with stunning natural beauty. The Himalayas are as spectacular as anyone could possibly imagine and the people who have lost everything will happily give you anything with a smile and joy in there heart. The books were the greatest donation we could give as for most of these children it will be the first and possibly only ones they ever get to read. The books will be treasured as if they were a rare and precious gem and be passed down for generations to come.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who contributed to such a worthy cause.

Namaste and thank you.


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